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Watch Episode 8 of Rams Original Series "Behind the Grind"

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Episode 8 of Rams original series "Behind the Grind" is available now on Facebook Watch. In "From the Ground Up", go behind the scenes at Rams Media Day, follow Pharoh Cooper's visit to the King Tut exhibit at the California Science Center and join the team's visit to the new LA stadium.

"Behind the Grind" airs exclusively on Facebook Watch biweekly on Thursdays. Each episode of "Behind the Grind" showcases various elements of the team’s preparation during the offseason as they look to defend their NFC West title and build on their success heading into 2018. The Rams' Emmy Award-winning media group developed this original series as a way to give fans a unique look into the team on and off the field.

Fans can follow the show and watch full episodes at

Rams Host Play 60 Field Day at L.A. Air Force Base at Fort MacArthur

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On Saturday, June 2, the Los Angeles Rams hosted a PLAY 60 Field Day for youth (Kindergarten-8th grade) at Los Angeles Air Force Base’s parade grounds, located at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro.

Participants kicked field goals, threw passes to a Todd Gurley cutout, ran 40-yard dashes, competed in inflatable relay races, and even started a flag football game with team mascot Rampage taking snaps at quarterback. The PLAY 60 Field Day was part the NFL’s PLAY 60 initiative promoting physical activity for a recommended 60-minutes per day.

According to Los Angeles Air Force Base’ Recreation Specialist Erin Banks, a sense of community is of extreme importance when creating a positive atmosphere where lifelong connections and comradery is formed. The ability to communicate with fellow base residents is essential to effective problem solving and establishing relationships with other military members and personnel.

“It means more then we could ever understand to today’s military youth to see professional sports organizations come to their area and hold an event just for them,” said Banks. “It not only helps the kids connect with their favorite teams, mascots, and cheerleaders, but it fosters a sense of community with the team and helps the kids feel more connected to the Rams and their base neighbors. Military members both past and present give so much and this was a great opportunity for the families to have their kids participate in some physical activities outdoors just in time for summer and at no cost to them.”

Banks believes the Rams’ visit to Fort MacArthur provided an opportunity for base residents to connect with the Rams and even more importantly, build relationships and have some PLAY 60 fun with their own neighbors.
“I see the kids on base running around wearing their PLAY 60 T-Shirts they received at the event and when they come across another person wearing the same shirt, they get excited,” said Banks. “They feel like they’re on the same team. That sense of community and connection is what we need more of everywhere.”
Amongst the participants were variances in age, gender, athletic abilities and interests. Given the multitude of ways one can be physically active for the recommended 60 minutes per day, Community Affairs and Player Involvement Manager Zach Kinkeade prioritizes inclusivity for all skill levels and interests. With a variety of different stations, ranging from a selfie-photo booth with cheerleaders to football-related drills & competitions, the Rams’ PLAY 60 Field Days feature an activity station for everyone.

“We always want to make these events all-inclusive,” said Kinkeade. “We organize it so anyone can get out there and run around. We even saw a dance party out there today along with a game of tag. We really want all participants to have fun and not worry about being the best athlete, therefore it’s really important that we include a variety of different stations so everyone can have some fun.”

Los Angeles Air Force Base is the only active duty military installation in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area and offers services to eligible base personnel, retirees, service members from all branches and their families. The base also serves as the headquarters for The Space and Missile Systems Center, which is the center of technical excellence for developing, acquiring, fielding and sustaining military space systems.
Through various community outreach and PLAY 60 initiatives, the Rams aim to create an active and healthy generation by engaging youth in activities that promote physical fitness, health and character education through in-school, after-school and team-based programs.

Phillips: I Like Personalities because those Players are Independent

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Since the Rams acquired cornerback Aqib Talib, cornerback Marcus Peters, and defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh during the offseason, reporters have raised question after question with head coach Sean McVay and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips about how the pair will manage those three strong personalities. McVay has echoed Phillips on the subject more than once after the defensive coordinator told the media, “I don’t manage players, I don’t handle players. I just work with players.” And after going through the majority of OTAs and minicamp with the new players, Phillips expressed how pleased he’d been with all three on the field and inside the building. “I obviously knew Aqib on the field too, so really more Marcus and Ndamukong. They’re both really smart players. You don’t always know that, I mean sometimes a guy really talented, but these guys are really smart players and talented. They do things so easily, so naturally,” Phillips said. “Ndamukong has so much power, you can see it. Again, we don’t have pads to see how much, but he just holds a guy with one hand — those kind of things real easily. “And then the movement skills of Marcus are outstanding,” Phillips continued. “He has great change of direction, has great hands, and Talib still has the same kind of movement skills and speed. All three of those guys look like they have been which that’s what they look like in practice and in the classroom.” But then, of course, Phillips was asked once again about dealing with the strong personalities. And to that, he delivered his most thorough comments to date.

Los Angeles Rams: Video of Aaron Donald shows defender remains in great shape

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As Aaron Donald continues to wait for a new contract from the Los Angeles Rams, at least a workout video posted to his Instagram shows the defensive star is still putting in the necessary work.
For the second offseason in a row, Los Angeles Rams fans are left wondering how this whole situation with Aaron Donald is going to turn out, as the defensive superstar finds himself looking for a new contract once again.

It was one thing for the Rams to hold off a year ago since Donald still had two years remaining on his rookie contract, but the circumstances are much different this time around.

As Donald heads into his final year of the deal, the last thing Los Angeles can afford to do is make him unhappy about his contract situation, especially if he were more likely to holdout longer this time around.

After missing all of training camp and preseason last summer, it was amazing to see Donald still look like his usual self during the regular season, showing once again that he has one of the best work ethics in the NFL.

Despite all of the recent frustration surrounding Donald being absent from mandatory minicamp along with the risk the Rams put themselves in for another holdout during training camp, at least Los Angeles feels confident enough in their beloved defender staying in great shape.

In fact, Donald recently uploaded a video of himself on social media working the bench press to show once again just how much of a freak of nature he truly is.
From what it looks like, Donald is nearing the 500-pound mark on the bench press with those reps, which is absolutely insane to think about. Over the years, Donald has posted plenty of amazing videos to give fans a little taste of what his workouts are like, and this recent one is just as awesome as the rest.

With that being said, here’s to hoping the Rams can somehow figure out a way to come to an agreement on a new deal for Donald before the start of training camp since the two parties seem to have been in talks dating back to the middle of last season.
Otherwise, it’s going to be another stressful training camp in Los Angeles with teammates and fans left wondering whether Donald’s absence will impact their chances of living up to the Super Bowl hype.

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