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Phillips: I Like Personalities because those Players are Independent

Friday 22 June, 2018 | RSS Feed

Phillips: I Like Personalities because those Players are Independent

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Since the Rams acquired cornerback Aqib Talib, cornerback Marcus Peters, and defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh during the offseason, reporters have raised question after question with head coach Sean McVay and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips about how the pair will manage those three strong personalities. McVay has echoed Phillips on the subject more than once after the defensive coordinator told the media, “I don’t manage players, I don’t handle players. I just work with players.” And after going through the majority of OTAs and minicamp with the new players, Phillips expressed how pleased he’d been with all three on the field and inside the building. “I obviously knew Aqib on the field too, so really more Marcus and Ndamukong. They’re both really smart players. You don’t always know that, I mean sometimes a guy really talented, but these guys are really smart players and talented. They do things so easily, so naturally,” Phillips said. “Ndamukong has so much power, you can see it. Again, we don’t have pads to see how much, but he just holds a guy with one hand — those kind of things real easily. “And then the movement skills of Marcus are outstanding,” Phillips continued. “He has great change of direction, has great hands, and Talib still has the same kind of movement skills and speed. All three of those guys look like they have been which that’s what they look like in practice and in the classroom.” But then, of course, Phillips was asked once again about dealing with the strong personalities. And to that, he delivered his most thorough comments to date.

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